(ZIZ News) — High praise for local Rotary Clubs has come from the District Rotary Governor responsible for the Eastern Caribbean.
Governor Elwin Atmodimedjo wrapped up his four-day visit to the Federation on Tuesday and told ZIZ News he was very happy with the work that the local Rotary Clubs have been doing.
“I also told them I’m not here to lecture them, just support them and they were very supportive to me as a District Governor. And so when we go through the plans and all the community projects, I was very satisfied with what I’ve seen so far. So I’m very happy,” he said.
He noted that the work of the Rotary Club is very important and has been instrumental in the eradication of polio, adding that the clubs play a significant role in their respective countries.
“We do need the Rotary Clubs and Rotary Organizations to partner up supporting the local government like a public/private partnership to support the government and community projects, so we do need them as an extended hand and support for everything we do in the community and helping out those needy ones in the community,” he explained.
Governor Atmodimedjo’s trip continues with stops in St. Vincent, St. Lucia, French Guiana, Grenada, Guyana and Suriname.
Source: zizonline.com