BASSETERE, St. Kitts:  On Saturday June 4th, 2022, members of the Rotary Club of Liamuiga delivered several items to Ms Kailah James. The donations were made at Kailah’s home with her mother Venetia Clarke also in attendance. Kailah was diagnosed with Acute Transverse Myelitis at age 12 which has caused paralysis of her lower extremities.
President Claudelle Gumbs along with club members Secretary Kaii Mills-Dias and Past President Dr Marcus L Natta represented the Club during the intimate handing over ceremony.
“Our Club is extremely pleased to donate these items that will help to improve Kailah’s comfort,” said President Gumbs. “This memory foam mattress topper, wheelchair seat cushion, back support cushion and life vest for swim therapy, we trust, will help to ease some of Kailah’s pain and help her live a more comfortable life.”
Kailah expressed her gratitude to the Rotarians for the timely donation. Her mother Ms Clarke shared that notwithstanding Kailah’s wonderful smile and personality, “she is often in a lot of physical discomfort and these items will go a long way in easing that discomfort.”
During the visit, Kailah who is an avid lover of music along with her mother who is a seasoned calypsonian under the moniker ‘Lady Composer’, shared some of their music with the Rotarians. A lovely time was had by all.